What are the differences between the download version and the packaged version?

There is no difference between the two versions, except the medium used:
- If you select the packaged version, you will receive the game directly at home on a Collector’s Edition USB stick in a GOTO Bridge package.
- If you select the download version, you will get the electronic version of GOTO Bridge (i.e. no medium). You will have to download the software directly to your computer and will be able to play it within minutes following the confirmation of your purchase.

Can I install GOTO Bridge on several PCs?

Yes, you can install GOTO Bridge on several computers.
Your registration code will be needed for any new installation. When you will try to install the software again, a message will inform you that your code has already been registered on another PC and will ask you if you want to transfer it to the new computer. You will just have to confirm. You can transfer a registration code from one PC to another as many times as you want. But please note that you won't be able to use GOTO Bridge on two computers at the same time.

Which bidding systems are available on GOTO Bridge?

Several bidding systems are available on GOTO Bridge: 5-card major French system, SAYC American system, ACOL English system and Polish system.
For the 5-card major French system, you have the choice between 4 profiles: beginner, intermediate, competition and strong 2.
There is also a free profile in which you can set your own conventions as you wish.

Is Internet required to play?

Internet access is not required to play GOTO Bridge.

Is GOTO Bridge available on Mac, smartphones and tablets?

No, GOTO Bridge is currently available on Windows computers only.
GOTO Bridge XVII is compatible with the brand-new Windows 10.

My user licence is not automatically registered and I have to enter my registration code whenever I play. What can I do?

This problem is due to the Windows 8 & 10 operating systems.
Please follow the instructions below to solve it:
- Right-click on the GOTO Bridge icon before launching the software
- Click on "Run as administrator"
- Confirm that you want to run the GOTO Bridge programme
- Then fill in all the user licence fields, enter your registration code and your email address
- Confirm

How can I find my registration code and the link to download GOTO Bridge?

You can find the link to download GOTO Bridge in the email that we have sent to you after your purchase has been confirmed.
This email also contains the registration code that will allow you to get access to the full version of GOTO Bridge.