Lessons and exercises

GOTO Bridge lessons and exercises are an excellent source of learning and progress.

In this game mode, you will take lessons on:
  • Bidding (11 themes: major two-suiters after 1NT, natural responses after an overcall, etc.) with corrected exercises
  • Card play (7 themes: defence in a trump contract, squeeze*, etc.) with corrected exercises
Jérôme Rombaut (reigning European Champion) and Barry Rigal (famous author, commentator and player) will give you valuable advice via their commented deals. Their comments both on bidding and card play will help you understand the subtleties of the deals you will play. Then you will have the possibility to replay them in order to put theory into practice.

Not very good at bidding? It will now become familiar territory! The new game mode “bidding sequence explained” will provide you with detailed explanations about each sequence that you, your partner or your opponents will play to help you understand this very important bridge phase.

The advantage of this game mode is that you can play as many deals as you want. They are randomly selected and will enable you to analyse hundreds of different cases.

Finally, you will test your knowledge thanks to 1,500 quiz questions broken up into 5 themes:
  • The right bid
  • The right hand
  • Card play
  • Forcing or not forcing?
  • Defending a contract!

*This lesson is based on the book entitled "le Squeeze au bridge" (“The squeeze in bridge”) by Romanet, available at lebridgeur.com