Here are the main new features of this new version of GOTO Bridge

6,000 new deals

  • 1,000 new easy deals for practice
  • Challenge Argine on 1,000 new deals
  • 3,000 new deals in series tournaments
  • Challenge elites on 500 new deals
  • 500 new deals in card play tournaments
6000 new bridge deals on topics

Bridge lessons on bidding and card play

New lessons

  • 19 bidding lessons
  • 17 card play lessons

Bridge Artificial Intelligence Argine

Latest version of the game engine Argine

Getting closer and closer to human behaviour
2017 World Bridge Championship at Lyon, France

Replay the best deals from Lyon 2017 World Bridge Championships

Interface de bridge haute lisibilité

New graphic interface

Jouer au bridge en ligne

Win a 1-year subscription to Funbridge

All you have to do is challenge Argine