This mode allows you to practise in the different areas of the game. It includes:
  • The "correction" mode behind the success story of the previous versions of GOTO Bridge. Its principle is simple. During card play, GOTO Bridge will show you the best card to play to take the highest number of tricks on the deal. During the bidding phase, it will correct the bidding cards you chose and will explain your mistakes to you. At the end of the deal, you will have the possibility to replay your deal from the moment when you made a mistake.
  • Easy deals to start with or relax, excellent practice without constraint
  • Practise card play: GOTO Bridge plays bids for you in the type of contract that you want to play
  • Practise the bidding sequences of your choice
  • Random deals requiring special attention as in a club
  • The possibility to create or load a deal: you are able to fully define deals (in order to replay a deal from a magazine for instance) and to load deals from another bridge software
  • All training mode
  • Correction mode to know in live if you will succeed your contract
  • Build a deal to practice