This mode allows you to compare yourself to other players and to be ranked among the best ones: this is the competition part of GOTO Bridge.
  • Assessment of your hand on thousands of deals and 10 game levels
  • Statistics per game area (bidding, card, attack or defence)
  • Head-to-head comparison with the best international players
  • Card play tournaments: you are compared to other players who have played the same contract, only for card play
  • Replay the deals from the greatest World Championships including the 2016 European Team Championships staged in Budapest and the 2016 World Bridge Games staged in Wroclaw.
  • Challenge "Argine": pit yourself against the latest version of GOTO Bridge game engine (i.e. the artificial intelligence playing with you) in a 5-deal tournament in IMP scoring

Argine is also the game engine of the Funbridge app. Click here to get a detailed presentation of Argine from the Funbridge website.
  • Different modes of bridge tournaments
  • Replay the international bridge championships
  • Play bridge in series
  • Ranking in series