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Unlimited deals - Practice - Offline

Available on PC, Mac and tablets

The must-have bridge software for more than 20 years. Lessons, practice and competition directly at home.

Game modes to play bridge offline

Lessons and exercises

GOTO Bridge 19 bidding and card play lessons and exercises are an excellent source of learning and progress.

Easy deals

Ideal to take up bridge or have fun, it is the perfect game mode to practise without any constraints.

Bridge game for iPad and Android without Internet

Bridge game for Mac and PC without Internet

Bidding practice

GOTO Bridge 19 allows you to practise the auction of your choice.

Card play practice

The software makes bids on your behalf for the contract you want to play.

Play bridge offline

Play bridge offline

Take the new GOTO Bridge 19 software everywhere with you and play whenever you want!

On the plane, the train, the underground... You can play anywhere without an Internet connection.

Ideal features to progress

Bridge corrections of your bidding

Corrections to your bidding

GOTO Bridge 19 suggests corrections to your bidding and explains why.

Bridge correction of card play

Corrections to your card play

The app tells you which card you should play to take as many tricks as possible on the deal.

Bridge tips

Tips given by the computer

Ask the computer for advice and it will tell you what it would play if it were in your shoes.

Play the 4 bridge hands

Play all hands

Play all players’ hands at the table.

Reveal the 4 bridge hands

“Show cards” feature

GOTO Bridge 19 shows you the cards held by the other players sitting at the table.

Master the deal

Reverse, forward and replay buttons

Navigate through the deal as you want and replay tricks.

Bridge for everyone

GOTO Bridge is seen as the reference among bridge software in France. Thanks to its numerous game modes and features, it allows players of all ages and levels to have endless fun.

Play bridge by plane
GOTO Bridge lessons and exercises are made for you! Written by bridge professionals, they will help you learn the basics of bridge in all game areas (bidding and card play). Then you will be able to apply what you have learned with exercises.
Evaluate your level, strengths and weaknesses thanks to the various practice exercises offered by GOTO Bridge. Select the game area of your choice (bidding or card play, attack or defence) and make progress thanks to the corrections suggested by the software.
Pit yourself against the best players in the “Tournaments” mode! At the end of each deal, you will be compared to them on the same deals and in the same conditions.
The game mode “Challenge the best international players” will even give you the opportunity to compare yourself to world champions.
The deal manager is made for you. This tool can be used as teaching material for your bridge lessons since it allows you to prepare and import your own deals, save them and sort them as you see fit. Besides, thanks to the printing module included, you can print your deals, bidding boards, tricks and commentary.

Developed by bridge experts

Among them is Jérôme Rombaut, 2017 Vice World Bridge Champion.

The team is not new to this game. They are also behind the Funbridge app with a community of 400,000 players worldwide.

Jérôme Rombaut

6 good reasons to choose GOTO Bridge 19

Unlimited deals


Bridge correction and help

Corrections made to
your bidding and card play

Clean bridge table

Easy to use

Bridge lessons

Lessons and

Best bridge players

Challenge the best players

Offline bridge game

Play offline

Learn more


"I can’t wait for its launch date! Thank you for your continuous efforts to make it even better."
Jean-Richard A. (75)

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