Goulash mode

It consists of a challenge against Argine on 8 deals.

What makes it special is that some deals are "Goulash", i.e. with freak distributions.

You play the first deal as usual:
  • If the contract bid is at least a game, a slam or if it is doubled or redoubled, you play the deal.
  • If the contract is a part-score or the deal is passed out, the pair who has bid the contract gets the score that goes with it.
If the contract is a part-score, on the next deal, each player sorts his 13 cards by suits. All four hands are stacked back in the deck which is cut once. Cards are then dealt in groups of 5-3-5 for instance instead of one at a time as usual. It allows to create deals where the suits are more unevenly distributed between the players. On this deal, you follow the same rules as above and so on.

Once the 8 deals are played, the winner is the one who has scored the highest number of points: Argine (E/O) or the player in South. So this is not duplicate.