Playing bridge has never been easier

Feel the atmosphere of a game of bridge wherever you are (at home, in public transport, travelling abroad...)
thanks to GOTO Bridge numerous assets and features.

Discover the new bridge app
  • Unlimited deals.
  • Immediate comparison on all deals played.
  • Tips and help given by the computer.
  • Analysis of your bidding and card play at the end of each deal.
  • Par score and contracts most often played on the deal.
  • Bidding and card play lessons with exercises.
  • Practise bidding and card play in the sequence and contract of your choice.
  • Assessment of your bidding and card play on thousands of deals and for 10 game levels.
  • Undo: you can cancel your last action if you made a mistake.
  • Claim: as at a real table, claim the tricks you are certain you can take without being obliged to play the deal until the end.
  • History: GOTO Bridge manages the history of the deals you play. Therefore you will always be able to search for a deal that you particularly liked.
  • Force a bid or the lead, play the hands of your choice: with GOTO Bridge, you are completely free at the table. You can view and play all hands, replay a card and force the lead. In a nutshell, you do what you want.
  • Save a deal and play it again later.

Game modes accessible at the click of a mouse!

Unlimited deals

The ideal game mode for a quick game.

Lessons and exercises

Enrich your knowledge thanks to GOTO Bridge lessons.


Improve your skills in different game areas.


Compare yourself to other players and challenge champions.

Set your own conventions

Select your bidding system in “Settings” among the SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card), the English ACOL system, the French 5-card major system, the Polish system, the Nordic system, the NBB Standard system and the 2/1 system. A free profile also allows you to set your own conventions.

For the whole family

With GOTO Bridge, you can create one profile per family member to get your own results.