The software:

GOTO Bridge is the reference bridge software in France. Thanks to its numerous game modes and features, it allows players of all ages and levels to have endless fun.

Beginners will be able to select the areas of the game they want to practise (bidding, card play, attack or defence) and progress thanks to the suggestions of corrections made by the “Correction” mode.

The players who want to start playing bridge again after a long period of inactivity will be able to evaluate their level, strengths and weaknesses easily thanks to the lessons and exercises of GOTO Bridge.

Experienced players, for their part, will be able to compare themselves to the best players in the "Tournaments" mode. At the end of the deals, they will be compared to other players who played the same deals in the same conditions. The game mode “Challenge the best players” will even give them the opportunity to compare themselves to world champions by replaying deals from official championships.

Some background:

GOTO Bridge was met with great success when released in 1994 and has become the reference in the world of bridge software.

In 1999, Jérôme Rombaut (multi-time Champion of France) joined GOTO Games, bringing his vast experience of the bridge world, and GOTO Bridge II was born.

Since then, every year GOTO Games offers a new version of GOTO Bridge full of new features enriching the software and giving it a new lease of life.

In 2003, with the experience gained from developing GOTO Bridge for all these years, GOTO Games got into the market of online bridge games and Funbridge was born. Available for Windows computers only first, a version for iPhone, iPad and Mac was quickly developed and immediately became one of the top applications in the "card games" category on the App Store. The version for smartphones and Android tablets was released a few months later.

From GOTO Bridge XIV in 2013, GOTO Games has offered a download version of the software in addition to the standard packaged version. It is cheaper and has the same features as the packaged version. Besides, the CD-ROM required to install the software is replaced with a USB stick. That year was an important step in the modernisation of GOTO Bridge.

2017 marks a new turning point in the history of the software. Indeed, for the very first time the eighteenth version of GOTO Bridge will be available on PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets.
GOTO Games teams are delighted and proud to introduce this new version. Click here to find out more about the software and its new features.

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GOTO Bridge 19 colours:

Colours as dynamic as the software!

RVB : 255 / 255 / 255
CMJN : 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
RVB : 227 / 232 / 235
CMJN : 17 / 7 / 7 / 0
HEX : #1E2730
RVB : 30 / 39 / 48
CMJN : 50 / 15 / 15 / 100
HEX : #00B600
RVB : 0 / 182 / 0
CMJN : 76 / 0 / 100 / 0
HEX : #FF8B00
RVB : 255 / 139 / 0
CMJN : 0 / 55 / 94 / 0
HEX : #5632C6
RVB : 86 / 50 / 198
CMJN : 83 / 80 / 0 / 0
HEX : #065BF6
RVB : 6 / 91 / 246
CMJN : 90 / 20 / 0 / 0
HEX : #EC331E
RVB : 236 / 51 / 30
CMJN : 0 / 88 / 87 / 0

Screenshots and visuals:

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